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Project Description

Project Brief


TLC 13Magazine™ was created for those searching for the truth amidst the avalanche of lies and daily deceit in the form of “entertainment” that simply proves as a distraction from real knowledge. Our aim is to counter the damage that has been done through the indoctrination of the masses by the tel(lie)vision and the general press.

This holistic magazine was created for all walks of life and covers a wide array of topics such as; Healthy Living, Food, Law, History, Meditation, Art, Photography, Poetry, and Nature just to name a few. We included children’s books and games which encourages our kids to build their imagination as well as learn the truth while having fun.

We guarantee that you will enjoy this magazine as much as we enjoyed making it, and best of all we are offering the pdf format for FREE! Take this digital masterpiece with you everywhere you go. This is our gift to you.



TLC 13Magazine™

Mama’s Magnets (1st Edition)

TLC 13Magazine™

Da Journey (2nd Edition)

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TLC 13Magazine™

Perseverance (3rd Edition)

TLC 13Magazine™

Stronger (4th Edition)

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The Creators


Tariq Bey


Derron Arrindell


“This magazine is like good food, but what good is the food if I can’t share it with others. This is our way of bringing food to the picnic table. I want this magazine to inspire and impact people globally, to help people and remind them of what they already know. This is a reference point to the truth. There is no limit to where this can go. It is a holistic base, a central location where all these different bridges of knowledge, the different rays to the sun, and this magazine is the platform that brings it all together. This is a communal magazine that resonates on all levels and bridges the generation gap to bring the whole community together. There’s nothing but good vibrations put into this.”

– Tariq Bey

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“The greatest weapon in the hands of our group today in America is our press.

The truth will never be told about a disadvantaged minority by the general press of any country,

whether that minority be racial, political or religious. Unless we express ourselves through papers of our own,

the truth about us will not be told.

Our papers are our only hope of shoveling ourselves from out under the avalanche of lies

that are annually let loose upon us. A strong free press is the best possible safeguard of the liberties

in general promotion and defense of the interests of a strong, free people.”

– Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Customer Reviews



Yall gonna love this one. 13 Magazine…feeling the vibe cuzo…GAME CHANGER
Ra-El Bey
What an amazing idea to create a magazine… Just what this community needs. The format and artwork is beautiful and everything is so aesthetically pleasing
Child of The All
So excited!! 13 love to you. Have a beautiful, calm and prosperous weekend… IT is beautiful! Love the articles.
Jubilee Bey
Muur Fire!!!
Keep doing your thing brother…….this magazine if Muur Fire!!! This magazine is one of a kind,it is no other magazines that can touch this! Stright up!
Dan Jordan
I believe I read through this three times! I am so greatful to you all, thank you! 13 Love!! Looking forward to more to come. 13!
Noni Kai
Wow! This is amazing brothers, this is something very special, I love it, is an inside look on what goes on in this amazing community, so much 13love was put into this I feel it, so 13love to the creators, you guys have done a wonderful job, thank you 🙂
Dao DaInfinite
Wow… it’s so beautiful and well put together.. my jaw hit the floor scrolling through those pdf pages. 13Love and gratitude, SO EXCITED
1Cody Ellison3
Y’all are amazing for this, my Suns and I love this. I printed a copy of this for each of my sons and laminated them. 13love 13knowledge 13wisdom 13raspect
Ethel Mikha El-Bey
This right here is off the HOOK!! get it LMAO ThAnkh you all for this, Queen and I were scoping it out last night! Definitely feel the heart and inspiration from TMHs in it Cuzzo 13Ahava
Kairava Sun Bey™
Thanks some great articles!! I’m going to do the LOVE meditation soon!!????
Lanise James
All those magazines I read in the past that distracted me…THIS is the only magazine that brings TRUTH. 13Love and thanks.
Sane Dreams
This is Fly Kings…Infinite 13love 13prosperity 13RAspect 2 each of U 4 Ur Hardwork & Effort in making this happen! LOVE THIS & My Righteous Brethren!! ♡♡♡
Silmiyah Mecca Bey13™
BLISSINGS! Loving AL of the art inside of the magazine. Everything is so very beautiful, well presented and organized… you are amazing! Aho!