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Project Description


The Offering

Tools used: Computer-mouse, Photoshop CS6

This digital painting is an interpretation of myself, offering my gifts to everyone (incarnated as ONE divine being)

My gifts include my artistic tools; portrayed as a black sword and transparent shield. The sword and shield are illustrations of my digital monitor pen & tablet. Also, my time (hour glass), humility (depicted as me bending my knee and lowering my head), and love (green chakra flower) are all included as part of the offering.

I am giving my most precious possession to AMMA/Gaia/Jah/Eywa/Creator, or however you feel most comfortable referring to the Most High(s), incarnated as Mother Nature or Ma’at. All life is important to me, so in retrospect, I am really giving my most prized possessions to everyone/everything that harbors a soul/life, including plants, animals, people, the Earth and even myself, because I believe that we are all connected to ONE living source. Or to view it from another perspective, everything in its original state is energy (oneness), and for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, every deed creates a ripple effect throughout personal and/or social reality, whether it be positive or negative.

To conclude, I am giving my most precious possessions to the Source of all life, incarnated as a Divine Being, so that I can create a positive ripple throughout humanity, the Earth, and also myself. It may be a small difference, but have you ever thrown a pebble into a still pond?

p.s. The more you look, the deeper it gets.

Crystallize 616

Tools used: Wacom Cintiq Tablet, Photoshop CS6

The Crystallize 616 design represents what happens when we raise our vibrational frequency and evolve from our Carbon12 structure (6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons) into a Carbon7 structure (6 protons, 1 neutron, 6 electrons) and emit our light (aura) from within.

As seen in this design; a protective light-body shield (merkaba) is formed, making it easier to ride with the ebb and flow of life in tranquility and confidence.

Hunter & Prey

Tools used: Wacom Cintiq Tablet, Photoshop CS6

This is an analogous design that compares the animal kingdom to our human society, where the rule of the game is hunt or be hunted.

This painting symbolizes man’s desire and primal nature as the ‘predator’ seeks his next ‘target’

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